Giving Opportunities


Your giving is an act of worship and makes possible the ministry of changing lives, transforming communities and renewing the church. There are three ways you can give to help FUMC directly support God’s work not only in Hanover but reaching throughout the United States and nations around the world.

Offering Plate


Pre-assigned offering envelopes are mailed quarterly to those who have requested them, providing a means for FUMC to provide quarterly and annual statements of giving for tax purposes. If you do not currently receive these envelopes, you may call the Church Office at 717-637-1574.

There are loose envelopes located in the pew racks, if you prefer to use an envelope to make your offering and do not receive the pre-assigned envelopes.





Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT allows consistent amounts to be drawn directly regularly from your banking account. This option allows you to give as a regular priority, even when away. To get started with EFT, CLICK HERE to view and print a copy of the EFT form set up for transferring funds to FUMC. The completed form and a voided check should be turned in to the Church Office at the Fredrick Street Campus.






Donations for either Fredrick Street or Middle Street Campuses may be mailed to First United Methodist Church, 200 Fredrick Street, Hanover, PA 17331.





Introducing UMC Market  (Micro- donations)

What is the UMC Market?

The UMC Market is an online website where you can sign up and either download an app to your device (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone) to track your shopping or shop online directly through the website and earn money that will be given back to First Church.


How do we “earn” money for First Church?


This is done through a process called micro-donations. Each vendor listed on the UMC Market will have a percentage of the total sale they are willing to donate. For instance, Amazon is willing to donate 4.5% of total sales. So If you spend $30, Amazon would give First Church $1.35.

$1.35? What’s the church expect to do with that, buy an ink pen?


Maybe, if it were just one person. Now imagine that 400 of our members decided to do their shopping on Amazon and each spent $30. That’s $540 coming into our church to be used towards teaching supplies, Outreach events like the Festival at First, new choir music, new Bibles for our youth. The possibilities are endless.


So why don’t we just get everyone to give $1.35, why worry about micro-donations?


You’re probably already shopping online and we’re going out on a limb assuming that many of us shop online and more often than once a year. As you shop at participating vendors throughout the year, the money begins to flow in. So instead of $540 one time, now we have the possibility of getting $540 per month. That’s over $6000. That would cover all the worship expenses at our Middle Street Campus for a year.


So how does First Church receive the donations?


As the money accumulates, a check is generated on a monthly basis by the UMC and sent to First Church. If the monthly total doesn’t exceed $100, then the check is held until the donations reach or exceeds $100. This helps the UMC to minimize their costs.


Where does the check go once we receive it?


It will be placed into our General Expense account and used toward the overall expenses of the church regardless of program or campus. It’ll be used to the fulfillment of our overall ministry of bringing in strangers, making them friends and helping them become full disciples of Jesus Christ.


Is it just for members of First Church?


Absolutely not! Friends, families, businesses, all can sign up as long as they have a valid email address. Do you own your own business? Why not do your purchasing through the UMC Market when possible? You already need the items you’re buying, why not help out the church by making sure it gets a donation in the process.




What if I have other questions about the program?


Feel free to contact Chris Long or Rusty Elsner, who currently co-chair the Finance Committee for First Church. The contact details are in the Church Directory.


**Don’t forget to pick our church as the organization you’d like your donations to be given. We are listed as First Hanover. Don’t delay, sign up today!


“Whoever gathers money little by
little makes it grow”
Proverbs 13:11